About Us

Bogas film production was established in October 2007. Ever since its establishment, it has been producing movies, videos, TV shows, radio programs and a number of productions taking the cinema industry of Ethiopia by storm. Bogas also provided latest Breaking News and Entertainment videos straight from all over the world. So far Bogas film Production Company has produced incredible works of art including;

  • Qin leboch which translates to ‘kind hearts’ radio program at fana television
  • Yemaleda kokeboch" which literally translates to “Stars of dawn”, an acting competition TV show on EBS TV since 2014
  • “Bechis Tedebiqe”, which literally means “’hidden in the Smoke”
  • In 2014 - “Selayochu”, which literally means “The Spies”


Our mission is increasing the traffic flow of the website by providing reliable and up-to-date information to the public in the blink of an eye. Also serenading the audience with eye boggling and captivating videos and audios.



Our vision matches our slogan; we aspire to become the number one media industry in Ethiopia. We aim to attract large number of customers locally and from abroad especially from the United Arab Emirates. They say sometimes what matters is being the first not the best. But we believe in matching proficiency with speed. We strive to become your no 1 website that quenches your thirst for information and entertainment.